3:38 Seconds and a Star is Born with Social Media

June 1, 2010 at 8:42 pm Leave a comment

On April 28th 2010 12 year old Greyson Chance changed his life forever by uploading a very simple 3 minute and 38 second video of him singing a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Greyson performed the now famed rendition at his 6th grade (yes, you read it right, 6th grade) festival at school.

Now, Greyson is a talented kid. There is no doubt about it from viewing the above video. But lets go back in time 10 years and think about what would have happen. Ten years ago a very talented 12 year old would have had a recording on his parents old JVC or similar camcorder. It would have gone into the family archive to be oogled at family reunions to come. Thats it. The road to fame would have stopped there for talented young Greyson.

In today’s social media age however; things are different. Greyson uploaded to 3 minute + video onto Youtube originally on April 28th…. within a week it had 10,000 views and had caught the eye of America; and Ellen DeGeneres. Now with over 24,000,000 views Greyson has inspired Ellen (an avid music lover) to open her own record label. Her first artist signed you ask? You’ve got it, Greyson Chance.

The power of social media. With a few clicks to upload a video Greysons’ talent was spread to the world in a matter of a week. His Paparazzi video now has more then 24,000,000 views, and 3 week old twitter page with more then 89,000 followers and a Facebook Fan Page of 112,000+. Now, thats broadcasting to an audience!


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