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June 4, 2010 at 4:55 pm Leave a comment

time your tweetsTwitter-its all the rage with micro-bloggers. Letting everyone know everything, and nothing sometimes, that you are doing. For Twitter to be successful though; it needs to involve the same traits as your prospecting…. consistency.

In that effort to find consistency is where many folks struggle. Guess what…theres are now tools for that.

You can now pre-schedule your Twitter updates. Handy for all sorts of reasons – if your just not consistant – going on vacation – trying to target multiple time zones at peak hours – and many more. Check out these five FREE tools for keeping your Twitter page lively an updated; even when your not.

  1. Twuffer: Best for minimalists
  2. Later Bro: Best for Facebook Fans
  3. Twaitter: Best for International Reach
  4. FutureTweets: Best for anyone up to no good
  5. Tweetsqueue: Best for chatterboxes

Happy Tweeting!



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