The new “Golden Ticket” – becoming a Facebook Beta Tester

June 14, 2010 at 2:09 am Leave a comment

Earlier this week Facebook announced that it is looking for beta testers for a new program they are launching. The details are vague,facebook f stacked image but it appears to be a Q&A forum of some sort. This is something that many of the major internet conglomerates have tried and failed at. Yahoo! and Google both gave it a run and were unsuccessful. For those of us in the real estate world this concept should sound familiar, and from a sound platform. Is Trulia Voices ringing a bell to anyone right about now?

So how does Facebook expect to succeed where others have failed. Well, for starters look at it this way. Facebook would be the 3rd largest country in the world if it were a country. They have captive audiences and their traffic is beginning to outpace Google. So why would we listen to someone on Facebook when we have Wikipedia? When we have blogs posted by rocket scientists and doctors? Because Facebook seems to be looking for real world questions like “How do I throw a great dinner party?” or “What are the best ways to get over a fear of flying?”

Think you’ve got the stuff to be a Facebook beta tester. Give it a go. The button for it is at the bottom right hand side of your screen on FB, or you could just use our link for it. 🙂

Oh yeah. What I forgot to mention! The best part! Why you would be as happy as Charlie when he found Wonkas Golden Ticket…. Facebook will be inviting its best beta testers to California to tour their facilities and meet with programmers and developers! Can’t beat that if your a social media junkie, now can you?!


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