Postlets – Im “not a fan”

June 15, 2010 at 2:55 am Leave a comment

As real estate agents we are always trying to find ways to outpace the next guy or gal. In the last 5 years with websites becoming such a huge part of our business model, we now need to outpace everyone there too. So the question came up this afternoon in my technology mastermind session, “How do we drive online traffic to our websites; cheaply?”

Being an internet based person I could go on for hours on this. But, I thought back, far far back to when I first got started in real estate and had NO budget. What did I do? Well, one of the first things I did was advertise on craigslist, like crazy! Still do to this day actually, with much success.

This leads into why I am not a fan of Postlets, simply because Postlets overwhelms craigslist these days. It is where they first gained momentum as a company. Although they are very pretty, and easy to set up; I find them to be quite dysfunctional when it comes to supporting an overall web strategy. Lets think about it. If a buyer is on the web which are they more likely to do; pick up a phone and call you, or click the add to see more information on your website? The obvious and correct answer is the latter of the two. They want more information without actually having to reach out to you. Ask for the order you are most likely to receive. So your wondering why postlets doesn’t help this. After all, they offer a great description, multiple photos, and a small link to your email and main web page. The reason this doesn’t help is just like the flier attached to a sign that tells the buyer EVERYTHING about the house. It allows them to disqualify it, and move on to the next add.

Lets look at a different perspective. You make a very simple HTML add (which can be done in MSWord), stating the general size, location and a highlight or two of the home and a link back to your website. Here’s what happens. Buyers click on the link because the brief description intrigues them and they want more information or pictures. This then leads them into your website where they can get “caught in your web”….and registration points. Tada!!! Traffic has not only been driven to your website, but you are also likely to capture regististration.
Now don’t get me wrong. Postlets is not a bad product, and the “Postlets Pro” version is significantly better (although it is $10 an add)… but there are far better methods to get registrations, web traffic and advertise your properties; for far cheaper. Sometimes the simple easy way out isn’t very effective. So, if anyone uses postlets and gets good clickback traffic or leads I would be curious to know.


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