PPC – I do, do you?

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At this point you may be wondering what a PPC is. A PPC is short for Pay Per Click, those adds that you see on the sides of web search results. You know, the ones on the side of Google.

Gary Vaynerchuck posted on his fan page today that he is thinking about hiring someone to run his online ad campaigns. For one, I am surprised he doesn’t have this already. Two, I was surprised at some of the negative comments about how expensive it can be, and that its hard. Well, there is a little validity to these statements; but not much in my opinion. With a few trial and error tests combined with reading a few blogs you should be up and running!

The big player in the PPC game (and yes, it is a game requiring constant adjustments) is and always has been Google. For obvious reasons, when you think of searching for something on the internet you think Google. Lately, Facebook has been making great strides in the PPC game though. I was originally hesitant to move into the FB world of PPC’s thinking “who on earth is going to click on a real estate ad while they are chatting with their friends”. Ladies and gentlemen, stop the press and read my next words carefully because you won’t see them very often; I WAS WRONG.

My Facebook add campaigns have blown my Google campaigns out of the water. Here is why in a very small nutshell.

  • Google Ads – Text only – Allows you to target by area.  Your ad’s title and description must be captivating enough to secure a click.
  • Facebook Ads – Text and Photo – Allows you to target by location, distance from location, sex, relationship status, age, education level, place of employment, interests, fan page subscriptions and more. You are now relying on text, a title and a picture to gain initial interest. Not to mention you are targeting EXACTLY who you want.

Have you ever wondered why it seemed like the ad’s on Facebook were speaking directly to you? It’s because they were. Facebook targets ads based on the info in your profile. It is no surprise that I receive ads geared towards real estate agents who like technology, or shoes.

I want to know what your experience has been with PPC ads. Whether it be a success or a failure, you probably  learned something by playing this game of driving online traffic. So tell us how your experience was, with Google and Facebook if you’ve tried it.


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