Is your middle name “Real Estate”?

May 6, 2013 at 5:01 pm 1 comment

Come on. Lets be honest here. You know that you secretly roll your eyes when you see someone changes their name to “Joe RealEstate Johnson” or “Suzy SellingHomes Smith” or “Liz Jacksonville Landry” on Facebook. We all hate it. If it isn’t on your passport, don’t put it on your Facebook profile. I am very vocal about things like this with my coaching and training around the country. So why do people still do it? Well, what I have found is that there are is a segment of trainers out there that are spreading this non-sense (not to mention violation of FB terms of service) through out the real estate world quicker than rumors in a middle school locker room. I partially blame them, and I partially blame us as an industry.

We as an industry are all about hopping on the latest and (often not) greatest way to get out name out there and tell everyone that we sell real estate. Making sure people we are friends with know that we are in real estate is a good thing.  Slapping it in their face as the first thing they see or hear from you is a bad thing. This is why people refer to us as sleazy used car salesman. Now; if you are wondering why this is so wrong and offensive I’ll lay it out for you.

  1. It is a clear and direct violation of Facebooks Terms of Service.
  2. Facebook is what is considered the “backyard bbq” of social networks. – you would NEVER walk up to someone in your business suit at a backyard bbq to shake their hand and immediately say “Hi, I’m Liz Selling Jacksonville Homes Landry. Great to meet you.” would you? NO. OF COURSE YOU WOULDN’T! Just think of the reaction on that poor persons face. They would run away from you.
  3. Facebook is comprised primarily of people who already know you and like you. Hence the fact that they already know you are in real estate. You need not put it in your name.
  4. There is a convenient little spot RIGHT UNDER YOUR NAME on your profile page that says where you work.
  5. If you just hover over someones name in the news feed where they work shows up there too! So you don’t need it in your name. See proper example below.Helene Kelbaugh

Now here is the deal fellow real estate agents. I am kindly asking; begging in fact, for you to STOP pissing off you your friends and family! By doing this you look unprofessional, sleazy and frankly just desperate.

You are hurting your selves by doing this. More importantly if someone does get annoyed enough and Facebook decides to delete your profile you will lose not only all of the connections you’ve built, and all the pictures; you will also lose any and all fan pages that you are the only admin on. I often say there there are certain places to bend the rules, certain places to break them, and others we follow properly. This is one where you should follow the rules. The consequences are too great. So I ask you; is it really worth it?

*Names of all known violators have been left out in the hopes they will read this and correct the issue quickly*


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  • 1. Stacey Smith  |  May 7, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    What if an attornies started putting Counselor Liz “I OBJECT” Landry or if Drs. Put Dr. Chad “I’ll Stitchya Up Quick” Hyams.. M.D… You want to be treated like a professional.. Act like a professional..


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