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Facebook: Building Relationships #KWMM

So its Sunday November 14th 2010 and I am stowed away in one of my favorite spots in the country. Bet your thinking its a tropical beach somewhere, or a secluded mountain cabin; maybe a park in the middle of the city. Nope. I am stowed away on the 6th floor of the Hilton Austin, across from the Grand Ballroom. I know. Not nearly as thrilling as one may have originally guessed. So you’re wondering why on earth is this one of my favorite spots. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tropical islands or a weekend in Vegas just as much as the next girl. However; with this, as all good things it’s about the people and the experience not necessarily the place.

Four years ago at conventions and meetings we all tended to stick with our office people, and connections were slowly built with outsiders. Today, this is one of the few times a year I get to have lunch with and talk shop with some of my favorite people in the country. Notice I only said few times a year. We never see each other. In fact, most of us have never stepped foot into each others homes. Never sat in each others cars and never pet the others dog. Yet, we know each others habits, likes, dislikes, moods and thoughts better than most.

Thank you Facebook. In the last two years I have watched relationships grow with people I had never met. Once we met, it was like we had known each other for years. And every time we get together it is like a day has not passed since the last time we had dinner. Instead of dreading getting on a plane at 6am to go to 4 days worth of meetings, lose sleep and eat poorly I now get excited to see my favorite people. Of course, I still hardly sleep, the flight is still early and I only eat once a day. But I digress. What is now accomplished in these four days is done with a smile, and anticipation and therefore is more productive.

When I teach I talk to people about the way the world has actually changed the way it communicates. Time zones and state lines are no longer separating factors in friendships. Moving across the county is far less traumatic on a friendship. When we look at how the world now communicates and has grown look at the last 5 years. Now. I challenge you to think 5 years ahead. Where will we be?


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Do you drive purpose, profit or both?

Business is all about the bottom line usually….profit. As business owners we mull over Profit and Loss statements with a fine tooth comb looking for where we can cut costs, improve productivity and increase profit. But; in order to increase productivity and cut costs we should know what motivates our people, or us for that matter.

Is you business all about profit, or is it about purpose? I would like to think that its about both. Obviously you are in business to make a living, not to go broke. So yes, a bottom like profit is very important. But what about the purpose? Do you have a purpose? Lets talk Google. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about the internet you would know that I find Google to be one of the most facinating business’ around. For a multitude of reasons, but one in particular.

Google gives their engineers what they call “20 percent time”. 20% time is where Google allows its employees to take 20% of their week and work on anything they want. Guess what, this is where the most productive and forward thinking ideas and systems in Google come from. From the “free time”. So when you think of purpose, stand in Googles shoes. They make sure that the necessary things to function are taken care of in 80% of their employees time, but the rest, that golden 20% is where the magic happens. It is what gives their employees purpose.

In Seth Godin’s latest book, Linchpin; he references a study by author Richard Florida. Florida’s study was over 20,000 professionals giving them 38 factors that motivated them to be their best at work. Naturally, your thinking that salary, or financial gain is #1. That for more money, people would be more productive. If that was your though, you would be wrong. There is no doubt that money is a motivator, but it only ranked #4.

  1. Challenge and responsibility
  2. Flexibility
  3. A stable work environment
  4. Money
  5. Professional development
  6. Peer recognition
  7. Stimulating colleagues and bosses
  8. Exciting job  content
  9. Organizational culture
  10. Location and community

I am greatly intrigues by #1 and #5. This shows that talented people stive for a challenge; and best of all, they want to get better at what they do. When we look at people who are nurtured in the way that motivates them, they are more productive. If they are more productive, then they will grow the bottom line. They will care, because it has become part of them.

If we give our people purpose, they will help us grow profit. If we give our people a salary and treat them like a drone, they will give us headaches and work just hard enough to not get fired.

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Unlikely paths crossing…

Would like to thank two people for inspiration of todays blog. Thanks to Paula Mosley and Bob Miller… Paula is a Team Leader out of Tennessee whom I’ve never actually met; and Bob is an agent in Ocala, FL who heard me speak at a Social Media class last week. So how do these two paths of people who don’t know each other cross today to inspire me to write? Summed up in one word, effectiveness.

I am a firm believer in focus on what moves you forward and the rest will fix itself. Now, if you’ve ever seen my desk you know this to be true. There are contracts stacked on top of contracts, post it notes, cards, bills, books and more. To be honest you can’t even see the desk when I have my laptop out. So what am I talking about when I say focus on what moves you forward? Lets think about it. What are the actions that you make on a daily basis to move you towards your goal? If you didn’t take action today toward your goal, your simply not going to achieve it. As Susan Scott (author of Fierce Conversations) says “Our careers, companies and relationships succeed or fail, gradually then suddenly—one conversation at a time.”

So we start off with Paula Mosley. At about 5:30 this evening as I was stuck in rush hour traffic I was doing my usual traffic routine…checking my Twitter and Facebook of course. Up pops Paula’s status on FB “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. ♥ I wanna be effective!”. BAM! Inspiration strikes what if we have them both? We should have them both. Effective is far more important. However, on your path to mastering what makes you effective, you will become efficient and eventually hone your skills. So, a big  thank you goes out to P’Mo for my drive home entertaining ramblings in my head.

Part two: Enter Bob Miller. It’s about 6:30 this evening and I am now home from traffic in my usual spot…the computer. Bob posts a question on my FB wall asking if I prospect, call and follow-up with folks (regular prospecting) or is internet my only source. Simply asking, where is the time to do ALL of it? The answer is a simple yes; I do these things. However the response is not that simple. Instantly I think back to my earlier mental ramblings about Paula’s statement and the clouds have cleared and how it all gets done has now become a little clearer(believe me, I have wondered on more than one occasion sometimes how everything gets done and I still see daylight!).

Without thinking twice I start my response to Bob and out comes the following phrase – “….it’s all about time management and being efficient at the effective things.” Now, this is something that I’ve always known, but when you can articulate it and put it into perspective for someone else…. well, now that’s just magical. So, thank you again to Paula for giving me the exact words to say what I needed to!

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