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Is your middle name “Real Estate”?

Come on. Lets be honest here. You know that you secretly roll your eyes when you see someone changes their name to “Joe RealEstate Johnson” or “Suzy SellingHomes Smith” or “Liz Jacksonville Landry” on Facebook. We all hate it. If it isn’t on your passport, don’t put it on your Facebook profile. I am very vocal about things like this with my coaching and training around the country. So why do people still do it? Well, what I have found is that there are is a segment of trainers out there that are spreading this non-sense (not to mention violation of FB terms of service) through out the real estate world quicker than rumors in a middle school locker room. I partially blame them, and I partially blame us as an industry.

We as an industry are all about hopping on the latest and (often not) greatest way to get out name out there and tell everyone that we sell real estate. Making sure people we are friends with know that we are in real estate is a good thing.  Slapping it in their face as the first thing they see or hear from you is a bad thing. This is why people refer to us as sleazy used car salesman. Now; if you are wondering why this is so wrong and offensive I’ll lay it out for you.

  1. It is a clear and direct violation of Facebooks Terms of Service.
  2. Facebook is what is considered the “backyard bbq” of social networks. – you would NEVER walk up to someone in your business suit at a backyard bbq to shake their hand and immediately say “Hi, I’m Liz Selling Jacksonville Homes Landry. Great to meet you.” would you? NO. OF COURSE YOU WOULDN’T! Just think of the reaction on that poor persons face. They would run away from you.
  3. Facebook is comprised primarily of people who already know you and like you. Hence the fact that they already know you are in real estate. You need not put it in your name.
  4. There is a convenient little spot RIGHT UNDER YOUR NAME on your profile page that says where you work.
  5. If you just hover over someones name in the news feed where they work shows up there too! So you don’t need it in your name. See proper example below.Helene Kelbaugh

Now here is the deal fellow real estate agents. I am kindly asking; begging in fact, for you to STOP pissing off you your friends and family! By doing this you look unprofessional, sleazy and frankly just desperate.

You are hurting your selves by doing this. More importantly if someone does get annoyed enough and Facebook decides to delete your profile you will lose not only all of the connections you’ve built, and all the pictures; you will also lose any and all fan pages that you are the only admin on. I often say there there are certain places to bend the rules, certain places to break them, and others we follow properly. This is one where you should follow the rules. The consequences are too great. So I ask you; is it really worth it?

*Names of all known violators have been left out in the hopes they will read this and correct the issue quickly*


May 6, 2013 at 5:01 pm 1 comment

Folding jeans… maybe some of us need a lesson.

It was 12 years ago for those of you wondering. No. This is not one of those blogs where I am going to talk about how much easier life was at 16. Or how I miss those days. Because it wasn’t and I don’t. I would rather poke my eye out with a fork than go back to high school. I am going to talk about the job I had when I was 16. That’s right. WORK.

I was a sophomore in high school. Played sports so I was busy, and I had a job at the local Levis store. I made crap money, I worked crap hours, and my boss hated me. None of these things were working in my favor. I mean seriously. I would be in school every day by 7am, ball practice in 100* weather until 5, work from 6-10:30. I worked every Friday night. Most Saturdays and Sundays. I would go into work after a day of ball practice and I had no car, so I had to get a ride from someone if my parents were not home that night. Then I would work for about an hour, the store would be slow so I would get sent home.

At first I was overjoyed to get sent home. “Awesome. Now I can go be a teenager. WORK SUCKS” – then I realized that as tough as it was for me to find a ride to work, it was even harder to find a ride home. I was broke because I only worked an hour. And to top it off I soon realized my boss sent me home not as a reward, but because I wasn’t good at my job and wasn’t worth it to keep around.  I know. Its hard to believe. But I like most 16 year olds thought I knew everything and that I could get away with avoiding work while at work. As a matter of fact, I know many adults that still do this today. So what was the outcome. I would exhaust more effort, had higher stress, made less money and was inconvenienced more by AVOIDING working while at work than if I actually just did my job well.


It was a magical day the day I decided to actually do my job at work. Time flew by! I felt accomplished. My boss was impressed. The following chain of events was great. I got better at my job so it got easier. I got more hours because I was good at it (which meant more $ to me!). I got a raise! I got a promotion several months later. I ended up being promoted to a supervisor by the time I reached 17. At 18 I was making better money than any other high school kid I knew, and many adults. I had an understanding of business, profit and loss statements, working with and leading people, etc. Not to mention, I can fold a mean pair of jeans.

Why did this happen? BECAUSE I ACTUALLY DID MY JOB! I spent so much time and energy avoiding my job the first 2 months I had it that I am almost ashamed to admit it. Obviously I  changed that.

My simple point is this. And I am going to capitalize it because I want this message to be clear to everyone. STOP AVOIDING THE PARTS OF YOUR JOB THAT MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL AND GET YOUR BUTT TO WORK! For some of you that means paperwork, for some it means lead generating, for some it means just working at all at anything.

My promise to you is this. If you actually work. If you actually do what you are supposed to. Your stress levels will go down, your income will go up, and the ease of your job will increase. Give it a try, the avoidance isn’t worth it.

If you think you’re job is tough. If you think its thankless. Do me a favor. It is the holiday season. Go to your local retail shop and get a part time job through the new year. There is no hell quite as special as working retail in the holidays.



November 17, 2011 at 12:09 pm 4 comments – The Real Estate Referral End of Things

The story continues with – As many of you have been following the updates since my original post (Blocking – Easier than you think!) venting about agents overuse and spam our Facebook wall with their “recommend me” tool you may be interested to know that the referral end of has responded. Response below.

Liz, my name is Philip and I am Broker of Record for the real estate referral arm of  This is still in alpha phase, so it will be some time before this reaches wide spread access.  We are sharing this advance peek with your readers to offer an incentive to *not* block the messages.

We have been testing functionality that allows brokers to refer leads to those they are connected to via Facebook.  We recently sent an actual buyer referral to 6 brokers in Portland, OR, and only 1 responded.  2 more responded when we followed up with direct email messages, saying they assumed the original message was spam.  The other 3 never even knew that they missed a qualified buyer referral who has since submitted an offer.

As a broker myself, I am very dialed into the prolific claims around ‘lead generation’, and we are working VERY hard to provide a high quality and lucrative experience for members of the Stik network.  Stik has failed at times to avoid pitfalls, and there is still much work to be done.

However, blocking all messages from Stik will prevent you from receiving referrals through the network once it is up and running.  For your readers who may choose to block the referral request messages, please check back periodically on the status of the referral network capabilities, as these are leads coming from fellow brokers in your network.

Finally, please feel free to contact Nathan (who posted above) or me ( with any suggestions on how to make the experience better.  We are working hard on the areas that we know, and are always open to new ideas.



So I pose this to my friends and followers who have been having issues with Will this, along with the other updates that Nathan spoke about in his response cause you to unblock the tool and give it a second try?

April 11, 2011 at 3:20 pm 7 comments

Adventures in Traveling #KWFR

3:30am – Alarm sounds to get up! Finally! Time to head to Keller Williams Family Reunion!

3:45am – Look at clock and wonder what I was thinking booking a 5:30 flight

4:00am – Wake up my ride to the airport (thanks Em)

4:05am – Calm dog who is now howling because I’m leaving.

4:06am – Get to parking lot and realize I forgot my toothbrush on the counter int he bathroom. Dog finally stopped barking. It’s a lost cause. I’ve gone too far to go back – I’ll buy a new one in the airport.

4:15am – Sit comatose in car for 30 minute drive to airport. Emily may be dozing off at the wheel. I’m too tired to tell.

4:45am – Airport!

4:46am – Check in issues at kiosk – special services desk here I come!

4:50am – Waiting impatiently in line…. wondering if I’ll get through security and catch my flight before it takes off at 5:30.

4:55am – Still waiting

5:00am – Up to the service counter “Hi. The kiosk isn’t pulling up my information for my 5:30am flight. Here is my confirmation number”

5:01am – Overwhelmed be stress and anger as the following words are uttered “I’m sorry ma’am. Your flight is booked for MARCH 18th at 5:30. It was changed last week”

5:02am – I stare at service desk representative blankly as I talk myself out of lunging across the counter and wreaking havoc in an airport. Not even I am stupid enough to get myself on a no fly list.

5:03am – It is explained to me that I called last week and switched my flight to March 18th instead of Feb 18th. Which is far from the case. I switched my flight from 6:30pm on Feb 18th to 5:30am on Feb 18th. It’s amazing how when ONE KEY is hit (likely because of someones fat fingers) that my entire day goes wrong. More so, neither me or the original rep noticed because March 18th is in fact a Friday, just like Feb 18th.

5:05am – Desk representative hands me a card with a 1-800 number and says to call. “Next please”

5:06am – Mild nervous breakdown.

5:08am – On hold due to high call volume

5:30am – Its official – I missed my flight. Still on hold

5:45am – A representative picked up, then put me back on hold.

5:50am – Representative tells me since it is a Delta error they can get me on the 11:45 flight out (better than nothing!)

5:51am – Rep says that she can’t override the $1200 fee… she needs to transfer me again and they will be able to.

5:58am – I am sitting on hold still – laptop open, typing a blog staring at the lady at the counter. I know it’s now her fault, but I must give my enemy a face. Sorry Rosa.

6:02am – Lack of caffeine is taking its toll. I should be descending into ATL by now. Still on hold.

6:07am – New rep picks up phone. No idea about the last hour of conversation I’ve had. (breathe Liz. just breathe)

6:20am – New rep gets me a flight out of Jax!! BUT – I don’t land in LA until 5:30pm 😦

6:40am – Visit Starbucks and dose on the caffeine… it’s going to be a long day ladies and gentlemen!
The thing that makes it all worth it is the face that in 12 hours I will be with my favorite people! They say being with people who understand you…. priceless.

February 18, 2011 at 6:43 am 2 comments

Do a little rant…make a little noise…Facebook tabs go bu-bye

OK OK! Let me be the first to say…yes, this may be a rant. A purposeful rant though. I have been hearing lots of complaining in the virtual world the last few that Facebook is taking down application tabs on personal profiles (11/3/10 to be exact). I have one thing to say about that. GOOD!! Yes, I know. All of my real estate friends love their “market snapshot” tab from Top Producer. Or how about the tab to “see my listings”.

GUESS WHAT?! Your Facebook profile is not an advertising platform and Facebook is taking the proper steps to keep it that way. As we have discussed in the past, social media is about building relationships… not being a billboard. This is simply a step in the process of getting rid of those people who have profiles as business’. You know the ones. Instead of it being a person… it’s a business. This is first off a violation of Facebooks terms of service, but secondly its just poor practice. THAT IS WHAT FAN PAGES ARE FOR! I know the argument, “It’s hard to get fans on my page. It’s much easier if I can just friend them”. I know. I have heard it a hundred times. Here is the bottom line, fan pages are for your business, profiles are for your life.

If you provide valid content and are consistent, you will get fans. Now, go build your business pages properly people!


November 1, 2010 at 5:06 pm 2 comments