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Follow the Tweeters #KWMC

As many of us are just 5 days away from touching down in Austin, TX for KW Mega Camp the twitter streams and status updates will be overflowing with #KWMC information!

To make life a little bit easier on you I’ve compiled a list of some of the most active tweeters that will be updating live from the event. Feel free to follow each of these tweeps or the public twitter list I’ve put them on!

If you are planning on following all the news during Mega Camp you should also be sure not only to follow these folks, but to follow the #KWMC hashtag. It is the official tag of the event. Don’t know how to follow a hashtag? No worries, I’ve got this handy dandy video right here to show you. 🙂


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Social Scoring – Are you hanging with the cool kids?

Ok. First off. Some of you may be wondering what social scoring is. Well, here it is. We all know that there are people in this world who have more influence than others do. Plain and simple. We listen to Michael Jordan selling Hanes because it just wouldn’t have the same effect if your crazy uncle Billy was the guy in the commercial. So since we look to regular media celebrities it was only a matter of time before we looked to social media celebrities. Now I am not saying we’re looking for Tila Tequila (old-time MySpacers know what I am talking about). However, what we ARE talking about is people who have a social influence, a following, a pull.

Enter Klout. Klout popped on the scene about a year ago; and really hit main stream summer of 2010 with their Facebook integration. Klout measures you’re overall social influence through a number of factors. Now, two days ago I was able to have a great discussion with some social media greats that you can listen to the archive on blog talk radio. In this conversation we explored the pros, cons and other aspects of social scoring. You’ll hear right off the bat that I am pro social scoring.

But the big question is how does this apply to you, as a real estate agent.

Think of it this way. Social Media is like the new BNI. Made for making connections, networking and connecting with the right people. When you look at the social platforms there are so many people to weed through, who to talk to, who to connect to, who to spend time with.  You could miss valuable connections if you don’t pay close attention! If you check out someones Klout score you may realize that they have a lot of sway. Someone who may be the “mayor” or your community – could be right under your social media nose!

So next time you meet someone while prospecting it may be worth it to check out their Klout score. Maybe even check your sphere and past customers. Think about the benefit that someone with social sway could bring to your business. This is no joke folks. It may sound a little snotty, like we are only going to talk to “the cool kids” who are popular. If they know you and they like you…. and they know lots of people for you to do business with you’ve just hooked the big fish 😉

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Posting with a purpose

Do you? Post with a purpose that is? Are you speaking to your audience? Do you know who your audience is? These are all very relevant things to ask yourself when reviewing your social media strategy. Its true, generally no one cares what type of sandwich you had for lunch, or that your dog woke you up early. But, sometimes they do…it all depends on how you deliver your message. Is it intentional? We are taught to move from E to P (entrepreneurial to purposeful) is business. I believe that same strategy can be overlaid onto social media.
To give you an idea. Being entrepreneurial in social media means that you post, you’re going after it. But your posts may not really be engaging your friends or followers. They may lack life and excitement. No passion. Lets flip this theory. Your purposeful in your posts, you speak directly to your audience and you make them feel like they are a part of your life. They will begin to engage with you. They will feel your passion and your life through your posts.

Example of E: Went to lunch at Panera today  –Boring, uneventful, lacks passion, and just blah.

Now, lets look at this same statement with purpose: Just had an amazing lunch with clients at Panera…. the chocolate brownie is to die for!  — Exciting, talks about clients (which is a great shameless plug for business) and hits home about brownies. You’ve just made half of your fan base drool on their keyboards!

It’s all about engaging your audience and speaking directly to them with a purpose. Not just speaking words into the clouds and hoping someone hears it!

Happy Posting!

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Tweet you later

time your tweetsTwitter-its all the rage with micro-bloggers. Letting everyone know everything, and nothing sometimes, that you are doing. For Twitter to be successful though; it needs to involve the same traits as your prospecting…. consistency.

In that effort to find consistency is where many folks struggle. Guess what…theres are now tools for that.

You can now pre-schedule your Twitter updates. Handy for all sorts of reasons – if your just not consistant – going on vacation – trying to target multiple time zones at peak hours – and many more. Check out these five FREE tools for keeping your Twitter page lively an updated; even when your not.

  1. Twuffer: Best for minimalists
  2. Later Bro: Best for Facebook Fans
  3. Twaitter: Best for International Reach
  4. FutureTweets: Best for anyone up to no good
  5. Tweetsqueue: Best for chatterboxes

Happy Tweeting!


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