The Consulting program is a quick start “turn-key” program based around two levels of involvement. Virtual and Advanced. Each program is custom tailored to the individual or team who selects the program to integrate with their existing business model. The consulting program is structured to get you up and moving immediately. Ideal for larger teams.


The virtual program is best for an agent/team who is looking for analysis and a quick turn-key plan. As each team and market is different there will be extensive market research compiled to devise a plan that will truly grow your business to a new level.

$1,750 – $4,000

  • Consult with client to understand all aspects of organization and business model.
  • Consult with client to assess reasonable goals and objectives for social media.
  • Educate client in all aspects of social media as related objectives.
  • Devise a social media marketing strategy based on goals, budget and timeline.
  • Inform client as to various options for social media strategy.
  • Assist client in determining the various accounts, platforms and channels needed for social media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Advise client as to proper tools, content and measurement procedures for social media marketing.
  • Help client ascertain training, staffing and budgeting needs.
  • Prepare detailed Social Media/Internet Marketing Plan.
  • Set-Up Social Media Accounts.
  • **Approximately a 2 week process**



Hands On – Virtual analysis plus 3-5 Days on site – $5,000-$10,000

  • See “Virtual” above
  • 3-5 days on-site with team and team leads learning their market and customizing a specific plan. Will work directly with any existing technology associates on team refining existing websites and marketing strategies.
  • Creation of “stock” information for future internet use: ie. Photos, Videos, Tours, Marketing Materials, Interviews etc.

1-2 Months virtual build – $6,000-$10,000/M

Now that you have a plan. You need to implement. For the teams that don’t have someone yet on staff build out is available. If you choose not to hire someone internally to handle this, once everything is complete we have Virtual Assistants who we recommend. What takes place during this process?

  • Website Search Engine Optimization (for all sites)
  • Blog creation and content addition
  • Facebook Profiles and Fanpages
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Additional Social sites
  • IDX integration
  • Training and development of team staff members on process


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