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Memonic – Helping You Keep Your Online Favorites

I was introduced to Memonic by chance browsing in the Chrome app store just a few weeks ago. After some investigation and trial by error I’ve decided it gets a thumbs up! So your asking yourself “Memonic? Whats that?’ Well, the short was to say it is that Memonic keeps the things you love online, in one simple place!

Here is a great self example. If your anything like me you find most, if not all of your information online these days. Travel plans, local hot spots, NAR Statistics, informational videos and blogs, etc. Well, I know what my “favorites” bookmark tab looks like, its a hot mess. There are litterally HUNDREDS of bookmarks under it that I have no reasonable idea what they are. Worse yet, I go to look for something I know I saved and I can’t find it because there is no good way to label or search. Bookmarking also banks on you renaming your page, and remembering where you put it. Not to mention, if its something on a social network like Facebook… you are all but doomed. Losing that meaningful status or favorite quote.

Memonic takes care of these issues. Allowing you to save Facebook status’, blog posts, helpful videos,┬árecipes, NAR Statistics or whatever it is that you desire. Furthermore, they allow you to tag each item; making it easy and user friendly to search. My favorite part however is the group feature. Allowing you and friends or co-workers to collaborate and share information in a secure group. Lets say you want your buyers agents to build a new presentation but you want to contribute some information… BINGO!

My personal favorite part however is the direct FB Plugin application. Check out the video to see a bit about Memonic, and how you may want to use it.


January 19, 2011 at 2:34 pm 3 comments

Video For The Real Estate Star!

Video marketing and communicating has been around for a very long time. So why is it now that this great way to convey a message is readily available to the average business owner (ie. you and me, the local real estate agents) it is not being used? I presume it is a number of factors such as comfort level, knowledge and assumption that the consumer doesn’t want your information.

Whatever the reasons are I would recommend rethinking adding a video strategy if you don’t already have one. It’s a great way to get in front of your consumer and have a conversation about exactly what you want to… without actually having to be in front of them! The video below will outline what I mean and give you some great tips!! Enjoy!

December 8, 2010 at 3:14 pm 1 comment