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Blocking – Easier than you think!

We have all be annoyed beyond belief of postings on our wall. Often from someone who doesn’t even interact with us. I myself almost went on a unfriending frenzy about this. Only to do a little research and realize that once a user signs up for Stik, they have virtually little to no control over those postings. So I backed off a little. But still want it to stop. So you will all be VERY happy to know that its easy as pie to make go away. My 2 second instructions are below……. You’re welcome!

Searching in Facebook go up top and search (in FB search bar NOT URL)… go to all results (bottom of the window that opens up), left hand side click on apps. Then.. once in the app window scroll down to left hand side and block app.

And… Wa la!

By the way. If you want recommendations from your peers or customers go to LinkedIn. This is the PROPER place for such non spamming activities.


March 24, 2011 at 4:40 pm 20 comments