5 Reasons to KEEP Your LinkedIn Profile

It has been brought to my recent attention that there is a (surprisingly) large group of people who are thinking about deleting their LinkedIn profiles. I had no idea about this epidemic. I was completely caught by surprise and I felt as if I needed to throw my friends a life vest before they drown in the waters of their own decisions. Luckily… this is not life or death. I will advise you though to KEEP your LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t have one, set one up.

1. LinkedIn has GREAT search engine optimization results and will show up if a potential client searches for you.

2. The boardroom of social media. This site is not for socializing. It is for networking and professionalism.

3.  They had an $8Billion IPO in May and shares are selling for over $100 each. Clearly, the business community see’s value here.

4. They just introduced the “APPLY” button for job seekers.

5. You may want to expand your business and search others profiles (aka – their online resume) for recruiting. Vise versa – you may need a job if you don’t do your prospecting.

So what I am saying here is that although LinkedIn is not the worlds most bustling social network they do indeed have their place. And they are important to have up, running and UPDATED.



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Because size does matter…

Stop your dirty thinking! I am referring to the size of your database! I know I tend to stick to the cool new things in my blogs and speaking like social media and internet; however today we are going to kick it old school. Sort of.

Do me a favor and think about your database. How many contacts do you have in it? Now ask yourself this. How many of them are likely to do business with you? Above I said we are going to kick it old school. Well the reason it is followed by a “sort of” is because in recent years our database’s tend to become more like phone books than ever before. The main problem for this is the internet. Yes, I just said the internet is causing problems. However it is not the Internets fault. It is ours. Because we are improperly managing it.

Lets look at what is happening. Our databases are supposed to be people who are likely to do business with us based on past and current relationships. With internet lead generation we tend to get a lot of looky loo’s and tire kickers who register either with limited information, or fake all together. Yes, fake. Mickey Mouse is not really interested in buying that lake front home. I promise. So what do we do? We filter, label and top grade our leads. Having a database of 8,000 people does you no good if you’ve never connected with them. Ever. We have the false belief that our large database of 8,000 people will produce us business simply because of its size. This is not accurate.  My recommendation is to use labels to differentiate who really is in your “database” and simply who’s data you are storing and mass emailing. Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT saying to delete all of those 5,000 emails you have. Yes, some of them may need to go. However its probably not costing you anything to do business with them and there are ways to pull them back in to convert them (but that is a different topic). I want you to clean up your database for tracking and conversion purposes. The size of your database (your TRUE database) will directly influence the size of your business. Manage your database well and you’ll thrive in business. Oh yeah, be sure to add your true SOI on your social platforms. It makes relationship building as easy as pie… or cake depending on your sweet tooth 🙂


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Waking Up In Vegas… with MAPS Technology!!

For those of you who missed our late night announcement from MAPS Agent Masterminds in Las Vegas Monday here is a recap for you!

We have exciting news! After months of preparation MAPS announces the launch of a large Technology Division! As many of you know this has been an area that has been much-needed in our industry and we plan on making waves… quickly! Program is being led and developed by none other than the amazing Ben Kinney. With your newest MAPS coaches in place powering this epic undertaking being myself, Chad Hyams, Chris McNamara and existing MAPS Coach Beth Torrence.

The quick program overview will consist of the following.

  • BOLDTech – This is will be a one day traveling program designed to help you grow your real estate business with what? Technology of course!
  • Mastery Coaching – For those of you who are serious about holding yourselves accountable to your business with a high tech focus.
  • A la carte Consulting– For existing MAPS clients that need just a sporadic consultation on big tech decisions.
  • In House Consultation – For offices and teams that are looking for a full business analysis and adding a large portion of business based around technology and internet lead generation.
We are all very excited to bring this to you… as well as I know Dianna is. Until all information is updated and released on the MAPS website you can contact myself of Chad for more info on programs! We are all very excited!

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Gettin’ Geeky With It – May 25

Those of us that fall into the category of “geek” tend to wear it proudly. Why? Because we don’t care what anyone else has to say about

it and, well, frankly…. because we can 🙂

This morning I received an email from my favorites at IMSD about May 25th being “GEEKY Day” and inside of it were the Top 10 Rights to Being a Geek. I had to share!

Here are the Top 10 Rights of a Geek! (note #10)

The right to be even geekier.
The right to not leave your house.
The right to not like football or any other sport.
The right to associate with other nerds.
The right to have few friends (or none at all).
The right to have as many geeky friends as you want.
The right to be out of style.
The right to be overweight and near-sighted.
The right to show off your geekiness.
The right to take over the world.

Invite friends and join us on our bonus webinar on May 25th as we celebrate Geek Day!

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Found: Random Travel/Training Shots

Many of you follow my escapades from airport to airport, class to class, hotel to hotel via my personal FB profile. Well, honestly there is still a lot that you never get to see. I am a photo junky. That’s right. I love pictures. I visually document most of my life and rarely do you get to see the whole thing. Yesterday I was going through and cleaning up some space on my iPhone and realized that although none of you want to see ALL of the pics that I take through my trips, some of you may find it fascinating if they were all just easily located in a blog roll and NOT flooding your FB streams. So here you go…. This was April. Enjoy.

We start in Denver (actually… this was mid March, but you get the point) Then.. lets take a quick jump through a few more airports and make a stop in Cary NC and then my favorite city… Austin TX.

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Stik.com – The Real Estate Referral End of Things

The story continues with Stik.com – As many of you have been following the updates since my original post (Blocking Stik.com – Easier than you think!) venting about agents overuse and spam our Facebook wall with their “recommend me” tool you may be interested to know that the referral end of Stik.com has responded. Response below.

Liz, my name is Philip and I am Broker of Record for the real estate referral arm of Stik.com.  This is still in alpha phase, so it will be some time before this reaches wide spread access.  We are sharing this advance peek with your readers to offer an incentive to *not* block the stik.com messages.

We have been testing functionality that allows brokers to refer leads to those they are connected to via Facebook.  We recently sent an actual buyer referral to 6 brokers in Portland, OR, and only 1 responded.  2 more responded when we followed up with direct email messages, saying they assumed the original message was spam.  The other 3 never even knew that they missed a qualified buyer referral who has since submitted an offer.

As a broker myself, I am very dialed into the prolific claims around ‘lead generation’, and we are working VERY hard to provide a high quality and lucrative experience for members of the Stik network.  Stik has failed at times to avoid pitfalls, and there is still much work to be done.

However, blocking all messages from Stik will prevent you from receiving referrals through the network once it is up and running.  For your readers who may choose to block the referral request messages, please check back periodically on the status of the referral network capabilities, as these are leads coming from fellow brokers in your network.

Finally, please feel free to contact Nathan (who posted above) or me (philip@stik.com) with any suggestions on how to make the experience better.  We are working hard on the areas that we know, and are always open to new ideas.



So I pose this to my friends and followers who have been having issues with Stik.com. Will this, along with the other updates that Nathan spoke about in his response cause you to unblock the tool and give it a second try?

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Stik.com Replies to Complaints

On March 24th I wrote a 2 minute blog (seriously… took 2 minutes) out of sheer frustration for Stik.com. As I stated in the blog, I have nothing against the product and it’s not a bad concept. However, it is a SPAM MACHINE! Well, after several hundred shares and RT’s to match… last night Stik.com has finally reached out and responded. Here is their response from one of their founders, Nathan Labenz. Which I think we will all be happy to hear. Thanks Nathan.

Hi Liz,

My name is Nathan Labenz and I’m one of the founders of Stik.com. I just wanted to comment here to let you know that I’ve read your feedback and that we are taking it seriously. We are planning to introduce upgrades to the site tomorrow that will make recommendation requests more personal and meaningful.

I also wanted to make clear that we are not automatically sending these requests. Our users have full control over whether or not to send requests, and to whom. We have been surprised by how many requests some people send and are considering imposing a limit in order to avoid annoying people like yourself.

Have a great day and let me know if you have any other feedback for us.

Nathan Labenz

April 4, 2011 at 10:20 am 6 comments

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